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Alvaro M.
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Miami Fresh Renovations is an excellent Company focused on quality workmanship, punctuality, outstanding service and very convenient costs. William Pérez-Borroto is a very professional manager that facilitated the experience of going through the remodeling of our house.
Angel T.
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They are a company that will go above and beyond to make sure they exceed expectations. Such a great experience and smooth process. Our new home is a dream come true. I highly recommend William and the MFR team.
Marcus J.
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We hired Miami fresh renovations to build a custom pool for our home. We had TONS of questions and they answered all of our questions and concerns. Truly and amazing team and the family loves the new pool. Thank you to everyone that worked on our pool.

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State-of-the-Art Swimming Pool RemODELING

Are you looking to renovate your swimming pool? Is it time to upgrade your swimming pool with brand new tiles? We have you covered.

As one of the reputed renovation companies in Miami, we understand how important it is to renovate your swimming pool now and again. Much like every other space in your home, your swimming pool needs equal love and care for the best experience. Even now, families extend their activities to their lawns, using the area to entertain relatives. By upgrading your swimming pool and other outdoor living amenities, you will experience a new and modernized backyard. Miami Fresh Renovations offers standard and state-of-the-art remodeling and renovations for swimming pool areas.


We can provide bespoke swimming pool restorations and renovations to meet your needs as one of the state’s top pool construction and renovation professionals. Our crew can handle any sizeable or small-scale project, from a simple backyard pool to a large-scale aquapark. We go to extraordinary lengths to make your backyard vision a reality.

Superior Value and Experience

Over the years, we have built trust with our clients through our commitment and hard work. Our clients are our priorities, and our team takes care of your every small and big requirements. Whether you are imagining a quaint backyard with a smaller swimming pool or a grand deck with a spa and swimming pool, we can make it happen. Our work is the proof of our dedication.

Outdoor swimming pool on private residence, lawn, garden

What do we do?

Coping is the pool's encircling ledge that we hold when swimming or exiting the pool. It definitely adds a wonderful accent, but pool tile coping is more than just appearances. Your pool and pool deck would be divided by a concrete block if you did not have tile coping. Because it links to the pool tile, coping keeps water from getting under the pool shell. Hence, there is no distinction between the tiles and the coping. Because most coping materials are porous, it is critical to limit the amount of time water rests on the surface.

We also offer high-quality pool equipment repair; if it has water running through it, we can fix it. We can assist you in keeping your swimming pool operational due to our extensive years of expertise dealing with water pumps and dealing with a variety of plumbing concerns. If you have a piping or pump issue, our technicians will know just what to do to get it back in operation. If you have a swimming pool problem, our goal is always absolute customer satisfaction. Miami Fresh Renovations has been assisting our pool repair customers in relaxing and enjoying their swimming pools for over 15 years.

When it comes to pool plastering, only the finest should do. We constantly provide the greatest pool plastering services the market has to offer, using the most attractive but long-lasting supplies and processes. We can also assist you in diagnosing and resolving current plaster-related difficulties.

We promise that your plaster surface will not flake, fracture, or deform and will be watertight. We endeavor to exceed your expectations for swimming pool remodeling and plastering. We treat your families like our company, with fair rates and employees that take pleasure in their job.

Luxurious Spa Installation Services

The mixture of a swimming pool and a spa is quite pleasant for those looking for an ideal day out for grooming and alleviating the week’s tension. Many homeowners have established a swimming pool and spa in their house because of the benefits of spas. This provides an unusual and enjoyable type of amusement at home that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Home spas are also a fantastic draw for your guests, reflecting your high level of living and activity. If you want to build one, we can create such spools to meet your idea and space.

Incredible Pool Entries

A swimming pool’s entry areas feature an astounding diversity of alternative options. When creating a pool for your house and family, you must consider more than simply the location in your backyard. How do you intend to enter your pool? And who is swimming in your pool? Pool entrances might differ drastically depending on if it’s a pool for adults, children, or pets. The shelf feature is a common style of the pool entrance. Depending on your needs and visions, we can develop some incredible ideas for your pool entrance. Contact now for more details.

Thinking about how to spark fresh life into your aging pool? It’s straightforward. Just think about remodeling. However, this should not concern you because the larger picture is lucrative. Ultimately, you have a pool that is not only energy-efficient but also useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Upgraded Look

Plaster was the only option for pool finishes a decade ago. With so many different types of pool finishes on the market now, a lot has changed since then. However, plaster does not appear to be anything unique. So why not go for modern aggregate finishes that provide a wonderful curb appeal and stunning aesthetics? The wonderful thing about these contemporary finishing alternatives is that they are long-lasting. They also look terrific and always give a distinct aesthetic appeal to pools.

Energy Efficient

Many outdated pools still employ obsolete machinery. However, many of the aforementioned obsolete equipment consume a lot of energy and are largely fuel or electricity-based. As a result, you wind up spending more than you should. In the case of pool remodeling, this is where an upgrade comes into play. It won’t take long to notice that the sophisticated electrical and plumbing technology utilized in modern pools is designed to conserve energy. Some people utilize solar energy, while others just use less fuel.

Perfect for Parties and Gatherings

If your pool or patio is unclean or worn, you won’t be attracting many visitors over to chill out this summer. However, with a newly refurbished pool and patio area, you’ll not only feel more comfortable welcoming people to your house, but you could even offer to organize a summer BBQ or family get-together that you’d never have hosted before.

Design Your Space

The entire concept of pool renovation is around innovation. With that in mind, feel free to experiment with various possibilities to create a one-of-a-kind pool. You can, for example, install new features such as a spa or a hot tub. You may also replace your pool coving or simply refresh your pool with basic yet trendy pool design ideas.

Make a list, then work your way down until you find a contractor that is both reasonable and reputable for exceptional work like the Miami Fresh Renovations. Remember that patience is essential in any pool renovation job.

Is Your Pool Summer Ready?

If you are a homeowner in Miami-Dade or Broward County with the pleasure of having a swimming pool, you should take advantage of it as much as possible. Your pool and backyard should be a haven of rest, comfort, and entertainment. We can assist you if you’ve had the pool for several years and it has gotten damaged or obsolete. We offer a range of swimming pool renovation services to help you bring your pool back to life. No task is too difficult for us. We’ve seen everything. You can contact us or schedule a meeting to address your problem as soon as possible!