corporate interiors

Corporate interiors are more than just a fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper. Think of it as a transformational process that takes the interior of a space from one level to a whole other, better level through a series of steps and processes. Miami Fresh Renovations is here to give your commercial space interiors a brand new look, be it a retail store, an office room, or an office build-out. We make sure to stick to your personal style and preferences and the overall vibe and aesthetics you wish to achieve, without compromising the functionality of the space.

Commercial Buildings

If you own an old commercial building that is due for a 40-year property inspection and assessment, Miami Fresh Renovations can conduct the necessary repairs for you. Or, if you wish to upgrade the exterior of your commercial building with new paint, new materials, or finishings and trims, we can do that too. We specialize in giving commercial structures aesthetic makeovers to enhance their appearance, functionality, and the overall look and feel of the space through exterior renovations and restorations, whether you want to renovate the exterior and give it a unique look, or restore the original design and details.

Automotive Dealerships

Miami Fresh Renovations specializes in many things, one of which is offering industry-tailored construction solutions that meet your needs and requirements. If you have an automotive dealership facility and are looking to renovate your parts and sales office with new additions, relocate to a separate space altogether or expand the current one with site developments, we bring you customized construction solutions perfectly tailored for you. It is essential for an automotive dealership to have a well-designed, spacious, aesthetically-appealing facility where you can display your vehicles, store inventory, and also make a good impression on your customers, all at the same time. 


The ultimate goal of hotel establishments is to offer an unmatched experience to their guests, especially in this day and age when the success of a business thrives on exceptional customer experience. From the lobbies to corridors to guest rooms, every single area or space of your hotel should reflect quality, good aesthetics, cleanliness, functionality, and comfort. We understand how important it is for those in the hospitality industry to make a lasting impression on their guests, and we can help you achieve that and more. If you’ve been thinking about renovating your hotel, Miami Fresh Renovation is here to give your space a beautiful transformation.

Education & Religious

Schools, colleges, universities, churches, chapels, temples, and other such educational and religious establishments call for customized, well-designed, and well-thought-out spaces to cater to their unique needs and requirements. For instance, an educational institute requires facilities like classrooms, halls, and auditoriums, staff and office rooms, and cafeterias, and a religious facility needs worship halls and prayer rooms. We cater to the education and religious sectors and bring you our construction services, whether you wish to build a whole facility from scratch or renovate an existing one with additions and remodels. As always, our goal is to create specialized spaces that offer a blend of functionality and artistic appeal. 


Healthcare facilities like medical centers, dental clinics, and outpatient clinics thrive on patient care and experience and are often subject to changing needs. If you own such a healthcare facility and are looking to renovate and modernize it for better functionality and increased comfort, expand an existing space, or build a new one, Miami Fresh Renovations has perfectly tailored solutions to cater to your needs. With advanced technology, extensive knowledge of how the healthcare industry operates, and a deep understanding of each client’s unique and specific requirements, we can give your healthcare facility the transformation it needs without compromising on quality or efficiency.    


A well-designed, well-constructed, clean, organized, and functional retail store is the one that stands out from the lot. As a retail store owner, you want to make sure that your facility has that edge over others that creates a good first impression on your existing and potential customers, and offers them a one-of-kind shopping and retail experience. Miami Fresh Renovations specializes in interior and facade renovations for retail stores where our goal is to incorporate essential features like design, decorative appeal, functionality and performance to create something distinctive. From renewing damaged or old structures to beautifying interiors, we’ve got you.


For any construction and renovation company, it is important that they are licensed, certified, and have a credible reputation. Miami Fresh Renovations meets the criteria and all necessary requirements, which give us access to government-funded construction contracts. We are Miami Dade Small Business Certified which opens doors to multiple opportunities and advantages in the government sector through government projects and contracts. This certification also gives us a competitive edge in the construction sector, paving the way to business growth and expansion. We are also registered as a Federal SAM Contractor which makes us eligible for construction projects and opportunities that are funded by the government.

Site development

Our expertise shines through in every aspect, from precision parking lot construction to innovative drainage solutions, meticulous site utilities, and flawless pavement implementation. We redefine spaces, ensuring structural integrity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal with a seamless blend of modern design principles and cutting-edge construction techniques. Trust in our commitment to excellence and innovation to transform your project into a benchmark of success. Your site development needs deserve the unparalleled expertise that Miami Fresh Renovations brings to the table, where every detail is a testament to our unwavering dedication.