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Alvaro M.
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Miami Fresh Renovations is an excellent Company focused on quality workmanship, punctuality, outstanding service and very convenient costs. William Pérez-Borroto is a very professional manager that facilitated the experience of going through the remodeling of our office.
Angel T.
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They are a company that will go above and beyond to make sure they exceed expectations. Such a great experience and smooth process. I highly recommend William and the MFR team.
Marcus J.
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Exceptional individuals, exceptional craftsmanship. Successfully wrapped up a commercial venture, and the results exceeded expectations. I would wholeheartedly endorse MFR repeatedly.

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Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Sitework Construction

We take pleasure in providing great construction services which transform your ideas into reality thanks to our unrelenting dedication to quality and years of industry expertise. Miami Fresh Renovations is aware that commercial building projects demand a great degree of proficiency, accuracy, and focus on the finer details. Whether you intend to create a brand-new commercial building or restore an existing one, our team of qualified experts is committed to offering first-rate construction solutions catered to your particular requirements.

As your valued partner, we ensure that every facet of the project is handled with the highest attention and expertise. We work closely with you to understand your objectives, timetables, and budget from the first concept design to final implementation, ensuring that every stage of the process is successful.

Delivering High-Quality Flatwork for Lasting Durability

The core function or purpose of concrete flatwork is to  provide a functional, stable, and durable surface for commercial sites, thereby offering convenience to pedestrians and vehicles alike. Miami Fresh Renovations can do concrete flatwork for your commercial site, whether it’s for a driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot. A well-constructed concrete flatwork should be able to withstand heavy vehicle and foot traffic, and we make sure our work achieves that. We make sure to focus on strength, durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, the four critical features of concrete flatwork. From planning to designing to installation to finishing, we do it all.

Professional Parking Lot Construction and Design

Does your facility need a new parking lot? Or are you looking to upgrade and fix the existing one? We offer all kinds of commercial sitework construction services, including parking lots. A parking lot should ideally be well-paved, spacious enough for the expected vehicle traffic, safe and secure, functional, and of course, it must feature a proper layout and design.

Miami Fresh Renovations can do a well-designed parking lot for your commercial site while keeping all the above requirements and features in mind. Not just that, but we also integrate any specific requirements that you may have for your parking lot in terms of its design, functionality, and looks.

Reliable Drainage Solutions for Long-Term Property Preservation

A commercial site has numerous essentials that it needs to function properly, one of which is a properly-installed and quality drainage system. This is to prevent issues like water accumulation and resulting inconvenience to pedestrians and vehicles. Miami Fresh Renovations can help you build a practical, functional, and well-constructed drainage system on your commercial site to avoid all kinds of water-related problems.

We conduct a comprehensive site analysis to identify existing or potential drainage issues, determine the type of system required for the particular site according to its location, design and install the perfect drainage system for your site, and ensure that it meets the essential local standards and regulations. Say goodbye to drainage issues!

Expert Water & Sewer Services for Seamless Infrastructure

One of the key requirements of any commercial site or building is the availability of clean water for drinking and other purposes, along with sewage and wastewater disposal, for which you need a proper and functional water and sewer system in place. If your existing system needs to be fixed or if you wish to install a new one altogether,  Miami Fresh Renovations is here to help. From installation to testing to maintenance and repairs to ensuring that each system meets your and your business’s specific needs.

process of Asphalt Paving

Does your commercial site need a newly paved surface? Asphalt paving is the way to go and Miami Fresh Renovations does the best, more durable, and quality asphalt pavements for commercial sites, Asphalt paving is a standard method to construct functional and durable surfaces for areas like parking lots and driveways.

We first prepare the site by removing debris, dirt, and other such elements to ensure a smooth, seamless pavement process. Then we work on creating a stable, even foundation through grading and compacting, two very important steps for asphalt pavement.

Asphalt is a popular material in construction related work given how it helps in creating smooth, uniform surfaces and offers impressive skid resistance, especially in areas like driveways, parking lots, and highways. That, combined with our expertise and skills is a recipe for long-lasting pavements that give your commercial sites a great edge.

The next step is pavement installation once the groundwork is done and is out of the way. One of the most important requirements of this step is to create the correct asphalt mix to ensure that the pavement is durable, even, and long-lasting.

We create the mix according to your construction site’s specific requirements. For instance, there can be times when the mixture may need some adjustments and corrections to achieve the desired properties such as skid resistance, top-notch quality, durability, and uniformity.

The techniques used for the process of pavement installation is a key factor that can make or break the final outcome. We use and apply the right installation techniques so that the end result is free of defects, damage-resistant, perfectly even, and fully functional.

After asphalt paving is completed, the process of striping and signage is crucial to enhance the functionality and safety of the newly paved surface.

Striping involves the application of painted lines and markings on the asphalt to designate traffic lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, parking spaces, and other essential elements. This step ensures organized and efficient traffic flow.

Signage installation follows, involving the placement of road signs such as stop signs, speed limits, and directional signs. These signs provide important information and warnings to drivers and pedestrians, contributing to overall safety. The combination of striping and signage not only facilitates smooth traffic navigation but also promotes adherence to traffic regulations, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the overall usability of the paved area.

Advanced Commercial Construction Solutions

There’s nothing construction-related that we can’t do and to prove that, we bring you advanced solutions for all your commercial sitework construction needs. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we promise to take the load off your shoulders. Be it building a new parking lot for your site, installing drainage or a water & sewer system, or building asphalt pavement, our team of qualified and hardworking experts is up and ready to help you with whatever you need. Your satisfaction is essential for us, and we always strive for quality, excellence, professionalism, safety, and efficiency in our work. Contact our team today for your estimate and consultation.